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Do you experience pain and inflammation in your joints, post-surgery pain, sports injury or workout pain, or discomfort in your muscles? If this is the case, you might find relief through Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in South San Francisco.



At its core, low level laser therapy (or photobiomodulation therapy) is based on directing a specific wavelength of light energy into a cell to directly stimulate the mitochondria to generate ATP. ATP is a high energy molecule that our bodies need to do just about everything. LLLT has been shown to increase cell growth, metabolic and vascular activity. These actions lead to increase in nerve function and a reduction in inflammation which helps accelerate wound healing and reduce fibrous tissue development, resulting in pain reduction.

Application Areas of LLLT

Below are the applications that can give you an idea of how Low Level Laser Therapy can help you heal!


LLLT has anti-inflammatory effects that make it useful for treating conditions like arthritis. It regulates the inflammatory mediators produced by immune cells and may have a direct modulatory effect on the immune response. 

Nerve Regeneration

LLLT can promote nerve regeneration and repair by increasing blood flow and oxygenation. This makes LLLT a promising therapeutic option for people with neuropathic pain such as diabetic neuropathy or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wound Healing

LLLT stimulates mitochondria to produce ATP, which our bodies need to function properly. By increasing cell growth and metabolic activity, LLLT can help reduce inflammation and accelerate wound healing. Additionally, LLLT can help reduce fibrous tissue development resulting in pain reduction.

To schedule your cold laser treatment in South San Francisco as soon as possible, please give Lazzari Chiropractic a call. Get pain-free relief with these treatments.

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