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Dr. Tom Lazzari was born and raised in South San Francisco, CA and is a current resident. He serves the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tom graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Animal Science. His passion during school was to become a Veterinarian and soon after graduation he worked at the Veterinarian Orthopedic Research Department. A few years after college Tom started to take interest in Alternative Health care and began his Chiropractic journey.


He attended Life Chiropractic College West in 2014 and also became a regular Chiropractic patient at the school. For most of his life he suffered from symptoms of neck, back, wrist to shoulder pain and even migraines, heartburn and stomach discomfort. Once he started Chiropractic care his symptoms no longer plagued him. He no longer needed daily over-the-counter pain medications to work and stay active. It was at that point he realized that there are many benefits that routine Chiropractic care could be applied. This personal experience encouraged him to learn more in order to help others who feel the same discomfort.

Tom graduated from Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward, CA in March of 2018. While attending Life Chiropractic West, he was an active member of The Gonstead Club and in addition to the standard curriculum, he enrolled in a variety of elective courses and attended multiple seminars in order to perfect his technique.

During his time in Clinic he received a Clinical Honors Award and the Clinical Excellence Award. He also spends his time involved with non-profit events, including mission trips to China with a team of Chiropractors and students collaborated with ASPINE Health Group providing much needed care to hundreds of people.


Tom is a committed Chiropractor serving the South San Francisco community and surrounding area offering highly specific Gonstead full spine Chiropractic care. He looks forward to helping his community and customizing a personal plan to help you achieve your individual healthcare needs.

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