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I’ve consistently been working with Dr. Lazzari for spinal corrections for over a year, and I always experience both immediate and long term relief that improves my quality of life and ability to perform, work, and excercise on a daily basis. 

Dr. Lazzari takes a full scope approach to not only helping me maintain spinal health, but integrates his care into all aspects of my overall health and well-being. 

His care is very individualized per patient, supportive, compassionate, patient, and he works along side you to reach optium health and well-being. I continue to work with Dr. Lazzari as his chiropractic services have been life changing to my health. 

My experiences at Dr. Lazzari's are always amazing. I have gone to many different chiropractors in the past for quick fixes, but Dr. Lazzari took the time to develop a long term plan that I could easily understand. His professional demeanor is as polished as his talent with making the necessary corrections I have needed on my spine. I highly recommend reaching out and making an appointment. You will not regret it !

He has been working with my arthritis in my hip and back. The pain has been reduced to where I can now walk with less pain. Also working on my lower vertabrates where I had some old injuries. Great Chiropractor I highly recommend Dr. Lazzari.

I've been getting adjusted by Dr. Lazzari for almost a year now and he's one of the best. He has helped me through a lot of back pain when I didn't think it was possible to fix. After experiencing his level of precision and care, I don't want to visit another chiropractor.

Dr. Lazarri is an amazing chiropractor! I’ve been going to chiropractors on and off for over 10 years and am just amazed at the difference his style (Gonstead) has made. Though I came in for back pain and rehab due to two back surgeries, he is concerned with my overall health as well! My back pain has decreased significantly, I’m sleeping better, and he always makes time to address any other aches or pain I may have. He is knowledgeable, conservative yet proactive, and uses new technology (in my case-laser treatment) at no additional cost to you! Thank you for everything, Dr. Lazarri!!

As a young adult I physically work with heavy patients and his chiropractic services allow me to keep up with my physical workload, and preventing injury.

Dr. Lazzari does wonders when it comes to providing sinus pressure relief and nasal deviation corrections. I struggle with seasonal allergies, chronic sinusitis issues, and of all other pharmacological and non-pharmalogical interventions, I can confidently say that his services have been the strongest at providing immediate and longlasting sinus relief. I can breathe easier, I feel less clouded and congested, and the care he provides helps resolve a lot of the daily discomforts I was struggling with in this area giving me a better sense of energy and clarity because of the effective resolutions he provides. 

Had a great experience with Lazzari Chiropractic. The visit was comfortable and informative, and helped greatly with my back issues

The last couple of years have been rough after a bad injury. I saw a physical therapist which helped get me walking again. Then I went to a naturopath which helped a bit with some of the pain. A massage therapist loosened me up, but until I went to see Dr. Lazzari I was limited to only a couple of hours on my feet. I am back to working a full day on my feet and I am able to swim again.

Great dr, really helped my back pains. Great at explaining what’s going on and what you can do to help.

I came to Tom with lower back pain that i was dealing with for a couple of months. Tom explained that he didn't want to do a quick fix where i keep coming back, he wanted to make sure it issue was corrected and that my treatment would last. A couple of appointments in i'm feeling a lot better and noticing a lot of progress. Looking forward to no more back pain and With Tom ill be there soon!!

I had come in to see Dr. Lazzari for a bad neck pain where I could barely turn it and within 2 sessions had full range of motion back! Turns out I also had some underlying issues with my back pain & feel SO much better after being adjusted!

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